Mains Water Whole House Above Ground


Above Ground – Whole House Filtration System

Our patented water filtration systems will provide your entire home with a quality filtered water to every outlet in your home. You will enjoy purified water to every tap including baths and showers and appliances. You will never need to think about the potential of poor quality water entering your home again.

  • CT Filtration offer a full installation, alternatively a DIY Kit is also available
  • This system is ideal for a medium to large home , pressure and flow will remain the same
  • Replace the filter elements annually and guarantee a protected water supply to your home
  • All components are certified and meet Australian standards . Filters are also NSF approved


Benefits of purifying your water supply……

  1. No separate filtered water tap required – Filtered water to every tap !
  2. Improves the life cycle of your various domestic appliances
  3. 3-year warranty to all parts and equipment – Only High-Quality components are used which meet Australian standards
  4. Removes unwanted sediments and reduces chemicals for improved taste
  5. Reduced mineral deposits and scale potential around the home
  6. An organic water supply, great for your indoor plants and gardens
  7. Gentle on skin. Detergents will be more effective
  8. Annual filter replacements will be more cost effective than “Single Tap Filtration”
  9. Filters are easily accessible and can be easily replaced
  10. Built-in pressure limiting Valve and Water Bypass feature as standard

This system is designed to be installed near to your water meter. Simply confirm a suitable location and follow the installation instructions provided with the DIY Kit.

Our DIY Kit includes

  • Fully assembled and pressure tested Filtration system – Including all pipework
  • 5 micron 20” / 4.5” sediment Filter
  • 5 micron Matrix CTO carbon Block Filter
  • Filter replacement tool
  • Polyurethane all weather protection cover and base
  • Installation Instructions / CT Filtration support



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Installed, DIY Kit


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