Let’s find the answers to your questions…

How often do we need to replace the filters?

We recommend replacing both filters annually if you have a towns mains water supply. However, if you are using rainwater it is best practice to replace both filters every 6 months depending on the condition of your water harvesting system

How much are the filter replacements ?

We offer our DIY filter replacement kits and our Maintenance Packages in our Products and Services section


Where can we get new filters from in the future ?

The filters we provide are industry standard , they can be purchased through CT Filtration and or any reputable plumbing store.


Do you let us know when the filters are due for replacement ?

Yes , we keep a comprehensive record of your filter replacement due dates  and provide a reminder one month prior to your due date.


What do both filters remove ? what Micron are the filters ?

Both filters are rated to 5 Micron

5 Micron poly Sediment followed by a 5 Micron Carbon Block Filter

Stage one filter is designed to remove various sediments such as clay , small organics , sand and rust flasks found in our water.

Stage two filter is designed to absorb chlorine and other various processing chemicals to provide a quality odor free crystal clear water supply.


Will your whole house water filtration system affect my water pressure ?

Due to the large surface area of the filters, the water pressure will remain stable for 12+ months. Any effects of pressure loss is negligible unless the system is exposed to a contaminated water supply. Our filtration system will then do its job and protect your home.

How long does it take to install ?

We typically allow for half a day for a full whole house installation


Could you tell me more about the warranty ?

We provide a full 3 years warranty and  with an exceptional after sales service

What are the benefits of an underground installation?

Our specifically patented belowground design means your “Whole House Water Filtration System” will be installed in a convenient location outside your property, preferably the closest position to your incoming water meter. This new underground design provides many advantages such as being protected from high ambient temperatures and UV damage. Being out of the direct sunlight will reduce any potential bacteria growth in the high summer heat. All our systems are mechanically protected underground, but ease of access for future maintenance has been considered.