Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an underground installation?
Our specifically patented underground design means your “Whole House Water Filtration System” will be installed in a convenient location outside your property, preferably the closest position to the SA Water Meter (In agreement with the property owner). This new underground design provides many advantages such as being protected from high ambient temperatures and UV damage. Being out of the direct sunlight will reduce any potential bacteria growth in the high summer heat. There is also a significantly reduced chance of the water freezing. All our systems are mechanically protected underground, but ease of access for future maintenance has been considered.
Can CT Filtration provide the replacement filter cartridges?
Yes , We can replace the filters for you , or you can replace yourself and we can deliver them to you.

For general maintenance, we recommend that filters should be changed on an annual basis.

We can supply all grades of replacement filter cartridges to suit your requirements. All our filters are the highest quality, proven to be the best in the industry for durability, reliability and performance. We will not require any person to be at home for a scheduled annual filter replacement. All access will be from the front of your property with prior consent from our customers.

We guarantee that our filter replacements will be the best value, or we will beat any other quote by 10%.

How do I know the filter is actually working like you advertise?
Our filtration systems provide protection to your home by means of a quality two stage filtration. The first filter will remove all the sediments to a nominal value of 5 microns. The second will focus on bacteria and chlorine removal to a value of 0.5 micron.

Once the water has passed through our filtration system, you will enjoy a significant improvement to the taste, odour and clarity of your water. All this and more will be demonstrated by our standard in home testing during installation. All results will be provided to you after the installallation and these water samples will be included in each Annual Service and Filter Replacement as standard.

Do we still require a separate filter tap on our kitchen sink?
If you choose to upgrade to our Whole House Water Filtration System, your separate filter tap will no longer be required. However, we also offer a cost-effective service to upgrade your existing kitchen filter system (if required) with standard 10-inch filter housing including all stainless steel connections (not plastic). Alternatively, you can choose to bypass the existing filters, or we can disconnect the old undersink filter system altogether.

The water quality feeding your home will be the same from all outlets, therefore any pre-existing filtration system will become surplus to requirements.

What happens when the filters become blocked?
In the rare event of our filters blocking prematurely, there is a water bypass valve installed as standard. This emergency bypass feature is user friendly and will ensure you maintain consistent supply of water whilst you contact us for the filter replacement.
How do the filters benefit all my domestic appliances?
When the water supply to the house is correctly filtered, any domestic appliances in the home, are no longer subjected to the mineral build-up that is proven to reduce their life cycle. This includes hot water services, washing machines, dishwashers, and evaporative air conditioners. Having a filtered water supply to these units will reinforce your ability to push appliance warranty claims if required.
What if there is a mechanical failure and it causes a water leak?
Our filtration package will be located underground at the front of your property.
Many other plastic under-sink filtration systems have the potential to leak and cause damage to kitchen units etc.

After our underground filtration system has been successfully installed, you gain the full flexibility to utilise the filtered water supply from every tap. In the unlikely event of a problem, simply turn the two easily accessible valves to by-pass the filters. Standard water supply is then enabled whilst maintenance is carried out.

Will the water be ok to use on my garden?
Due to the high reduction of chemicals in your water supply this will improve irrigation for all areas of your garden. Fruit trees, vegetables and flowerbeds.
How about health issues?
The newly installed carbon filters feeding your property will greatly reduce many unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, and various heavy metals such as manganese, Iron, and Zinc. These are known to have a detrimental effect on various skin allergies.
Will there be a limited water flow to my home?

Generally not , our systems are designed to remove unwanted contaminates but remain maximum water flow to your home . However , if the filters are not replaced after a 12 month period or there has been a change to the feed water, you many experience a reduction in flow. This can be resolved by simply calling or office (08 8359 8821) to arrange a service and filter replacement.

On all of our systems we install a pressure limiting valve (PLV) at the very start of the process. This valve will ensure you receive adequate pressure to your property, however retain the ability to avoid any unexpected pressure spikes potentially caused by your water provider. The PLV will protect your various appliances in an accidental over pressure event from the your water provider.

Is this filter fixed to my home or can we take it with us if we move to a new house?
After our system has been professionally installed underground this gives your home a credible asset to which can be utilised by you or any prospective future property buyer. The fixed pipework and underground installation makes it static, amalgamated as part of original house plumbing system.