About Us

CT Filtration?

We are a local business, founded here in Adelaide. Our mission is to provide thousands of homes with a welcome, and affordable solution to the poor-quality water we are all so familiar with. Hi, we’re Chris and Grace, the owners of CT Filtration.

Why did we start our business?

Our story starts like most business owners’ stories; we were actively seeking various solutions to a problem but with no luck, so we decided to find our own solution.

A few years ago, our children were unfortunately suffering with skin irritations. It was our dermatologist who first suggested checking the quality of our water supply.

We happily took the dermatologist’s advice, and my many years knowledge and experience in water treatment systems led me to discover the poor quality of the water being supplied to homes in the Adelaide area.   Realising there were no affordable, off the shelf solutions I used my experience to research and design the perfect combination of filter elements. The drastic improvement in our children’s skin spoke for itself!

From that simple start, the many other benefits of filtered water in the home became evident, and I was able to design and patent several simple and cost-effective solutions.

CT Filtration was created to provide hassle free, whole house water filtration systems across South Australia. We can’t wait to share the benefits of natural water with everyone.

We take care of the entire process for you. There’s no need to engage with multiple suppliers and contractors to achieve the same result. We provide our industry expertise in order to make the whole process simple and effective for you

Proudly Adelaide Owned and Operated.

High quality products and services, packaged together to ensure your entire home experiences only quality filtered water supply for all applications.

Our team holds 20+ years of water treatment and industry experience, which we utilise to provide the highest quality water to your home.