Take Control Of Your Own Water Supply !

Did you know your water is full of various processing chemicals ? We remove it for you making your water fresh like a moutiain spring !

Why filter one tap when you can filter your whole house?

Pure filtered water out of every tap, means you never have to drink anything undesirable again!

Is your water causing skin irritations? We have the solution!

Our chlorine free water supply will help reduce many skin irritations including Eczema , Dermatitis , Psoriasis

Adelaide Water….

Do we really know what are family’s are actually drinking and showering in ?

Does your water have a strange taste and chlorine odour ?

Sensitive skin?  Is your water triggering skin conditions within your family ?

Let us take care of your unpredictable water  

Never worry about your water supply again…..

We install “Single Tap” or “Whole House” Water Filtration to your home 

Sit back, relax , we take care of everything for you from design , fabrication and installation of your new water filtration system

CT Filtration – We Are Adelaides Water Filtration Experts and We Have Your Solution ! 

Whats in it for me?

Why do i need Whole House Water Filtration ?

  • Effective against many skin conditions, reduces dry irritated skin, detergents will become more effective

  • No separate filtered water tap required – Filtered water to every tap!

  • Never have to think about poor quality water entering your home again.

  • Reduced mineral deposits and scale potential around your home

  • Improves the life cycle of your domestic appliances including your hot water service and washing machine

  • Sediments are removed, and carbon reduces chemicals for improved taste and odor reduction

  • An organic water supply, great for your indoor plants and gardens

  • Annual filter replacements will be more cost effective than “Single Tap Filtration”

  • No requirement to be at home for our “Annual Service and Filter Replacements”

  • Discreet underground installation maintains cool temperatures and protects the equipment

  • Built-in pressure limiting system as standard with Water bypass and backflow prevention incorporated

  • 3-year warranty to all parts and equipment – Only High-Quality components are used which meet Australian standards

Why choose CT Filtration?

  • Affordable. Simple. Reliable.
  • Easy Hassle-Free Installation & Servicing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We had a filter system fitted to our house by CT Filtration. We really like how inconspicuous it is, its underground in our front yard. This is handy because it is pretty much hidden out of sight and the technician can replace all of our filters without needing access to our house or rear yard. Our water smelled quite earthy before we had our filter fitted. Now it doesn’t smell at all and is crystal clear. We drink straight from any tap in the yard knowing the water is crystal pure. Our soaps, detergents and shampoos/hair products work better and we love showering in the filtered water. Our washing comes out brighter and the car doesn’t get any spots on it when I wash it. This is an amazing system that takes up no space and makes a huge difference to our daily life, well worth the money and I highly recommend it to anyone living in Adelaide. Ben and Lauren

Henley Beach

Looking To Build A New Home?


We Can Incorporate Our Underground Filtration System At The Planning Stage, Working Directly With Your Builder To Give You The Best End Result