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Installing our  water filtration system will provide guaranteed cleaner, softer and safer water for you and your family, from day one. Your skin, gardens and appliances will thank you. Why filter just one tap, when you can now enjoy purified water for your entire home!


With hundreds of satisfied customers across South Australia, there’s no doubt we will have the right solution available for you. Our products and services are supported by our extensive knowledge and experience within the water purification industry.


We take pride in our work to guarantee you receive only the best results. All of our filtration systems are designed and fabricated right here in Adelaide. We complete rigorous testing to ensure you receive our functional and durable home water filtration system. We provide your family with a guaranteed protected water supply at all times.


With CT Filtration you can expect high quality products and services, at competitive prices. We strive to make sure you don’t overpay for any aspect of the process. If you want to learn more about our payment plans, simply contact us today!

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CT Filtration are water filtration specialists who are bringing the joy of high quality water to thousands of homes across South Australia. We pride ourselves on ensuring your home receives only the best possible water which your family will love. We filter your water at the point of supply, where our patented systems have been expertly designed to remove all unwanted sediments and chemicals from your water. This leaves only natural water for all areas of your home.

We don’t just provide filtration systems; at CT Filtration we take care of the entire process for you. This includes design, fabrication, installation and future maintenance; every step will be completed to the highest standard.

We also offer our sought after ongoing maintenance package, making owning your water filtration system hassle free. You can relax knowing your home is always receiving the best water possible.

Contact our friendly team today. We have extensive water industry knowledge and experience here to help you, we are more than happy to discuss the best options available for you to best suit your needs. Get the job done once, get the job done right.

We Provide Quality Filtered Water For Every Tap In Your Home…. 

Does your water have a strange taste and chlorine odour? Does your skin suffer from being red, dry and sometimes even itchy? Do your appliances often break or not live up to their warranty?

Then you’re not alone. Thousands of people across South Australia are having to deal with the struggles of poor quality water in their homes. But there is a solution!

CT Filtration can make these problems a thing of the past, with the installation of a quality home water filtration system.

Our whole house water filtration system comes with a whole host of benefits that will improve your everyday home life.


Filtered water is an effective natural treatment for many skin conditions and is proven to reduce dry, irritated skin especially after showering.


Our systems provide quality filtered water to all your taps. This means cleaner, softer and healthier water for your entire home


You will never have to worry about poor quality water affecting your home again.


Softer water reduces mineral deposits and scale build up around your home.


Filtered water also improves the life cycle of your domestic appliances including hot water service, washing machine, kettle and dishwasher, among others.


Sediments are removed from the The carbon filtration absorbs unwanted chemicals, leading to improved taste and odour reduction for excellent drinking water.


An organic water supply is ideal for the health of indoor plants, gardens and vegetable patches.


Annual servicing of the systems can be completed without you being at home, creating a simple user experience in the future.

Have a few questions?

Questions are common when it comes to water filtration systems. Maybe you want to know about replacing filters, or if it will affect your water pressure?

We have all the answers here in our hand FAQ section. Let us put your mind at ease.

Above Ground Water Filtration Systems 

Only $1495 Fully Installed to any home !

Our patented above ground water filtration systems provide every outlet in your home with quality filtered water. Enjoy the benefits of purified water in every drink, bath, shower, and even in your garden.


Designed for established homes suitable for mains water and rainwater applications


Choose between a range of colours to suit your home perfectly.


Minimal disturbance to your existing landscape, our systems are designed to blend into your existing environment.


No ground excavation required, installations are organised and completed quickly.


Only standard filters used, making access simple for all future maintenance.


Durable construction designed to suit our extreme Australian weather conditions


High quality asset, which can easily be removed and then connected to your next home.

Underground Water Filtration Systems 

Only $1995 Fully Installed to any new home !

Our patented underground water filtration systems provide every outlet in your home with quality filtered water. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality filtered water in every drink, bath, shower, and even in your garden.


Designed for new homes. The heart of the filtration system remains the same as our Above Ground Filtration System but is completely hidden away from view.


Excellent mechanical protection, can be installed at the side of your home or driveway.


Thermally protected maintaining a constant cool temperature for your water supply


Easy to disconnect and remove the entire filtration system for annual maintenance.


Modern design, hidden out of site, extremely durable and built to last


It is worth noting that it is important to discuss this option with your chosen builder early in the design stages so we can work directly with your them to ensure we achieve the best installation for your new home.

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